Control Your Difficult Divorce Book


 In this focused guidebook, South Florida Divorce Lawyer Christopher R. Bruce teaches you, in detail, what you need to get organized for divorce.  This guidebook covers steps you can take now to keep your divorce preparations private from your husband, and goes on to explain what you need to do to gather the information you need before your divorce starts so that you have a better opportunity to focus with your lawyer on settling your divorce (instead of chasing your husband for records of marital finances). Also included are easy to follow instructions for identifying potentially secret accounts, planning a property settlement, and creating your before and after divorce budgets. 

This workbook is specifically designed for women who are married to controlling, manipulative, or emotionally abusive husbands, and is written in a manner that does not require you to have a detailed understanding of financial matters.   

The bottom line is everything in this book is designed to help you achieve the two goals Christopher R. Bruce has for all of his clients. The first goal is to obtain a divorce on favorable terms as soon as possible. The second goal is to lay a foundation for you to live your ideal life when your divorce is over. If you read this book, and apply the proven strategies to your situation, you will give yourself the best opportunity to attain these goals and have the Best Divorce possible.

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