Control Your Difficult Divorce Book


Divorce is always difficult, but divorcing a controlling, manipulative, or narcissistic husband can define difficult.

The typical controlling narcissist-type husband is usually very intelligent, obsessed with money, and obsessed with “winning.”  They are often secretive about their finances, which in many cases, can be a convoluted mess.  These types of men are slow to compromise, and they usually have such a charming disposition that they make for a great witness in court (and keep most people from ever understanding how bad it can be at times to be married to them).

While your divorce might not be hassle free, hardly anything great or important comes easy.  The good news is that there are some basic things you can learn to minimize your husband’s ability to make the divorce process harder than it needs to be, and these are the concepts we focus on in this book.      

Divorce is not always easy, or comfortable, but it is much better when the optimal processes are de-mystified and understood.  The bottom line is everything in this book is designed to help you achieve the two goals Christopher R. Bruce has for all of his clients. The first goal is to obtain a divorce on favorable terms as soon as possible. The second goal is to lay a foundation for you to live your ideal life when your divorce is over. If you read this book, and apply our proven strategies, you will have the best opportunity to achieve your divorce goals and set yourself up for having the Best Divorce possible, even despite having a difficult husband.

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